Bennetts Coffee & Tea Importers - Celebrating 100 Years

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For 100 years, Bennetts has been connecting Australians with coffee and tea.

With a century of comprehensive knowledge and experience to offer, we’re proud to be able to share our passion and learning with the Australian roasting community. Using the perspective that our heritage offers, we look forward with fresh eyes to further helping to secure the future of our industry.

We’ll grow with you.


  • Kenya PB Rianjagi - (60Kg)
    A complex lot with apricot, lime, white wine, cardamom spice and delicate florals. Due in store mid September.
  • Kenya AA Kii - (30Kg)
    A floral cup with warm cinnamon spice and winey orange fruits. Lemon lime acidity. Buttery body carries a chocolate orange jaffa finish. Due in store mid September.
  • Kenya AB Ndiaini - (60Kg)
    Sweet juicy mulberries and plums upfront. Crisp berry acidity with a clean finish showing a hint of strawberries.
  • Kenya AA Ngwere - (60Kg)
    Well balanced cup with blackcurrant and stone fruit acidity and flavour. Sticky body. Boiled toffee like finish. Due in store mid September.
  • Kenya AB Kamundu - (60Kg)
    Buttery body with bright lime and nectarine acidity. Caramel notes linger. Due in store mid September.
  • Kenya PB Mweiga - (60Kg)
    Juicy winey lot with notes of peach, grape and green apple. Coating mouthfeel and sweet orange fruit to finish. Due in store mid September.


Sunday 5 August 2018

Win an Origin Trip to Brazil Ipanema Coffees & Premier Cru Release!

Our long-term exclusive partnership with Ipanema Coffees has resulted in something very exciting! Along with the release of their new specialty range, Bennetts are also giving the chance for two people to win an Origin Trip to Ipanema Coffees!

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Monday 30 July 2018

Scotty's Sentiments - PNG Spotlight

My latest trip this month was my fifth time back to Papua New Guinea over the past 32 years. It is interesting to see how PNGs coffee industry has survived throughout the years and the ever-present struggles they face today.

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Monday 30 July 2018

The Bennetts Newsletter!

August 2018 Newsletter. All things Bennetts and coffee ...

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Tuesday 3 July 2018

Saving Wild Tigers by Doubling Down

For the whole month of July in the lead up to World Tiger Day, Bennetts will be doubling our donation for every bag of Indian Tiger Mountain sold. All you have to do is purchase Indian Tiger Mountain and for every bag Bennetts will donate 2 USD.

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