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The Account Activity section is a convenient way to keep track of your purchase history. Account History can help you with locating previous order details, invoice details from orders, managing pricing with quotes, see credit return details, and see payments that have been made.

How do I view details regarding a order/invoice/quote?
To view further details of an order/invoice/quote, simply run your mouse over the item, and click, this will direct to you another page with the details you are after.

How do I limit my results?
To limit the results you are shown, you can click the "Type" drop down box, and select the desired item of your choice, you can then limit the results further by choosing a date range with our date pickers, or supply a code/reference number.

How can I then filter these results?
To run a filter on the results you are seeing, simply click the "Filter" button. You will then see text boxes appear at the top of each column, you can supply a value within these text boxes, press enter, and this will filter the results based apon your search value.

How can I search for documents based apon different conditions?
To be able to search for documents based on certain conditions, for example: "Type" LESS OR EQUAL to "x", or "CODE" EQUALS "x", simply click the magnifying glass icon and input the conditions you would like to search by.

How can I show or hide different columns?
To show or hide different columns, simply click the "Columns" button, tick or untick the checkboxes you would like to have display on the website, then click ok to proceed, or cancel to quit.

How do I re-order an order I have placed in the past?
To re-order that you have placed in the past, simply click the order you would like to view, then at the top of the page, click "Re-Order", this will place these items back into your basket, with the same quantities, which you can then proceed to checkout and place the order.

How do I print out copies of these documents?
You can print out a single document, such as an invoice/order/quote, simply by clicking the item you would like to view, then at the top of the page, click the "Print" button, this will download a PDF format document for your keeping. You can also print out multiple documents into a single file, by clicking the tick boxes next to the items you want to print, then clicking the "Print" button above the Account History grid.